What is Intentional Creativity

What is Intentional Creativity…
a dance between paint and prayer,
music and meditation,
pen and poetry or even prose,
the place where the heart leads the hand,
in the silent whispering of our Muse,
sometimes sweet and sometimes harsh,
yes our Muse same voice as the Inner critic
(aka inner mean girl)
Snot and tears, keep on keeping on,
art from the soul will be born
through reconnect of soul, purpose and desire
Create your story, through paint and brush,
through devotion and prayer, your Muse is beckoning you…
Are you brave enough ….. to say YES…

Intentional Creative Journey

Paintbrushes, Pallette, Paint.... soft music, tea and song, we will bring our intention, our joy, our sadness to canvas

© 2017 Intentional Creative Journey

Elmari Van Der Westhuizen

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