My Story Keeper

In the silence of the black velvety night sky the Milky Way beckons
Sparkling diamonds high higher  We are stardust….
The flickering dancing flames, now just a soft glow of ember, I hear my name, a whisper throught the Acacia blooms  The voice of the Grand Mother  My child you need to go, she says …. leave the place of birth, a distant land is calling your name.
You will learn a new way,
You will learn to pray, not from habit, but from need.
Remember in your veins run the deep river of Wisdom of Ancient Grandmothers,
Your heartbeat the drum of Africa, Your crown the thorns of the Acacia, so you remember your pain your roots yet do not despair, there is always hope.
When the Acacia blooms, the rivers run full  The dance at night is filled with joy – not despair  Next to the fire dance a prayer for every grandmother that came before you, the daughters that you leave behind, pray for the mothers yet to come.
I will pray the same for you, go my child for I will be with you.
Tend your own soul fire too,  you know you have the heart of a gypsy, many places you will go.
Every step a prayer.
I am you and you are mine.

Harvest Queen

Time to learn from the trees
To let go to look with inside eyes
To be still
This is the time of harvest
To celebrate the bounty
The beauty of color
To be joy filled
To look back and remember
How you toiled to get back to
Around the Medicine Wheel you worked tilling the soil of creativity Painting old stories into new
Using scars as powerful weaponry
Working on old pain and thought patterns, letting go…
So now its harvest time
Celebration time  Feast time
Come to the fire join the sisterhood
Celebrate the new tribe that has welcomed you
That cries with you
feel your pain as a mother
From mother to mother
From sister to sister
Let us eat, drink of the nectar from the grapes,
Fill our hearts with joy Sing our songs of gratitude
Dance until the sun breaks
Stamping prayers into the Earth
Thanking Gaia for the gifts,
A joyous time
Laugh be happy
Celebrate the bounty of Life, love and Red Thread Sisterhood.
Thank you. Thank you.



Starry starry night…
paint your palette blue and gray…
She is magic
She is strong
She dances at midnight
She cries, she howls,
She loves,
She laughs,
She has many faces,
She who has stars in her hair
Ruby rings on her toes,
Sometimes she is a wild one,
She sits by the river and pray…
She creates her own alchemy – a magical process of transformation and creation or a combination of both,
When she is done, she wraps her prayer shawl tightly around her shoulders….
She sits on the edge of the crescent moon, feet dangling, rubies shining…in the moonlight
eating lavender cookies and lemon tea…
knowingly she smiles,
YES to life
YES to love.


Intentional Creative Journey

Paintbrushes, Pallette, Paint.... soft music, tea and song, we will bring our intention, our joy, our sadness to canvas

© 2017 Intentional Creative Journey

Elmari Van Der Westhuizen

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